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Raw & Organic CBD/CBDa - 500mg

Haskel Adamson

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Raw & Organic CBD/CBDa - 500mg
 Raw and Organic CBD/CBDa oil is extracted from      
  the finest European Organic Hemp.

Grown in Austria on a family owned farm without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. Diluted in 20ml of Organic Hemp oil. 

For those looking for a great value organic hemp based CBD oil. 

Ingredients: Organic Cannabis Sativa, 500mg CBD 
Dose: 2 drops (2.5mg) to maximum 20 drops (25mg) 1-3 x a day

Extracted at low temperatures from Hemp, bred for its high CBD levels. This extract contains four different Cannabinoids: CBD, CBDa, CBDv and CBN. CBDa is the raw form of CBD, and this oil contains nearly as much CBDa as CBD. 

This CBD oil also contains terpenoids and flavonoids, some of which are unique to Cannabis sativa and which are believed to create the "entourage" effect and increase the medicinal benefits of the plant:

 β-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, α-Pinene, Limonene