Haskel Adamson- Medical herbalist

Welcome to my Website 

I am a Medical Herbalist, which means I have a formal training in the medical practise of Herbal medicine. 

I have been practising as a professional Medical Herbalist for 20 years 

I hold a BSc (hons) practitioner degree in Herbal medicine from Westminster University, London. Previous to this I studied for two years in Traditional Chinese medicine at Middlesex University on their undergraduate programme. 

For the last ten years I have focussed on using Cannabinoids- the therapeutic components of Cannabis sativa- in medicine. Most of my work comes from patients throughout the UK and further afield who seek out my expertise and experience on prescribing this herb for a wide range of medical conditions. I have taught on this subject to Herbalists and other holistic practitioners. 

However, I also have a dispensary of over 100 herbs and I use them in combination to treat each patient as an individual, based on a one to one consultation. This consultation lasts up to one hour, and consists of a conversation where I gather all the health information I need in order to create a bespoke combination of herbs to treat your health needs. 

In order to be prescribed a Herbal prescription, including a bespoke cannabinoid blend, you will first need to book consultation with me. 

Please call 07842192614 in office hours to book or talk to me about how a herbal treatment could help you, or email haskel@haskeladamson.com

Here on the website you will also find we have sourced the finest organic Colorado CBD oil which we bring to you in a variety of strengths and formulations. Haskel has spent more than ten years exploring CBD and other cannabinoids as a Medical Herbalist and will only offer the very best in quality to his patients and customers. We have sourced this oil through contacts in the United States in order to bring this superior product to the UK and EU market. Haskel’s expertise and research is made available to you through these oils. We empower you to enhance your wellbeing and vitality by incorporating these supplements as part of your daily health regime. The oils offer support for you in whatever health challenges you or your family encounter. Research is showing increasingly that CBD offers a huge boost to human vitality.


Colorado Gold Organic CBD Oil is, we believe, the premium CBD oil available anywhere today. Grown organically under the Colorado sun, the oil is extracted from the carefully bred flowers, using Carbon dioxide, by a process that preserves all the phytocannabinoids, terpenes and plant lipids, while eliminating unwanted waxes and chlorophyll. This produces a pure oil with 85% cannabinoids and 15% essential oils of Cannabis.

This is a theraputic quality product of full spectrum distillate CBD oil, very different to the cheaper isolate and distillate cbd oil seen on every high St, at much lower prices.


If you have problems with the taste of traditional hemp CBD oil then you will be amazed at the difference in the taste of Colorado Gold. With No chlorophyll or waxes the taste is mostly of the rich blend of essential oils.


The effect of the Colorado Gold is very immediately felt as relaxing and calming. This is due to the full spectrum of essential oils found in this oil, which create a synergistic effect with the Cannabinoids known as the ‘entourage effect’.

Our Approach

We have chosen to sell our range of oils simply by the amount of pure CBD or combination found in each bottle and by the price of CBD £/1000mg per bottle. The larger amount you buy the cheaper it is, relatively speaking.