Haskel Adamson BSc (hons) Medical Herbalist

 I am a fully qualified and highly experienced Medical Herbalist practising in Lewes, East Sussex, England and in Grasse, France. Practising for over 20 years, I have a broad and deep experience of helping people to achieve their most robust health potential and supportively manage medical conditions. 

I trained firstly in Traditional Chinese medicine at Middlesex University, then at Westminster University where I  graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in Herbal Medicine in 2003. 

I prescribe herbal medicines, including tinctures, dried herb blends and bespoke cannabinoid mixtures to my patients after a consultation. This can be done by phone, video call or in person in Lewes. 

Haskel Adamson CBD product range has come about through ten years research into this truly amazing plant and an exhaustive search to find the best quality products available to bring to the customer. All my training, experience, knowledge and understanding has led me to be able to provide the highest quality CBD at therapeutic concentrations and strengths direct to the customer and at competitive  prices.

If you would like to book an appointment for a consultation with Haskel, then please call +447842192614 or email info@haskeladamson.com

Consultations can take 30 minutes for minor/acute ailments, and 60-90 minutes for more serious or chronic illnesses, and are charged at £68 per hour. I am able to provide discounted consultation fees for those in financial need. I will not turn anyone away on the basis of cost.  Herbal medicine costs from £10 per week for tinctures and teas.