Some recommendations from some of our many satisfied customers:

From CM 29/04/20:

I started to suffer with a sudden lacerating pain in both sides of my jaw in February of 2019. The pain was completed debilitating, unbearable & over the course of thirteen months,  turned my life into a living hell. I honestly contemplated suicide during episodes of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I went through every test, scan available, also have been seen by many specialist neurologists, doctors & also used some TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) in my case acupuncture to relieve the pain. Furthermore I was only diagnosed after 12 month's of suffering this severe burning, electric shooting pain that felt like my face was on fire & I was being electrocuted. After trying/using every opiomoid, epilepsy medication(s) eg; carbomazapine, morphine sulphate & oromorph to name a few. I later became addicted to the later after roughly four months of consumption. When I was having a more severe episode I would take 28 tablets in 12 hours or less, as well 400ml of morphine, in desperation to ease my pain, as well as smoking cannabis for short term pain relief. Although all those efforts were in vain as none of them individually or collectively made a difference. After 13 months of experiencing Trigeminal Neuralgia on both sides of my face a friend put me in contact with Haskel. Haskel prescribed me two herbal remedies one of which was a topical ointment and a bespoke CBD oil. I started using them on the day they arrived (Wednesday). Later that same evening after roughly 2/3 hours I noticed a considerable reduction in my pain on both sides of my face, the difference being that the pain had reduced considerably. Furthermore by the next day & continuing from that day, the pain has completely dispersed. My sleeping patterns have returned to normal; rather than only sleeping for a few hours at best due to pain. My Trigeminal nerves no longer cause me any hassle or bother, my GP has given me the all clear to lower & then stop my medication. Thanks solely to Haskel my Trigeminal neuralgia is a thing of the past. Had it not been for Haskel I honestly don't believe I would have been in this position or anywhere close. Haskel has treated/managed my Trigeminal Neuralgia within a very short space of time using herbal medicine. I am writing this review to thank Haskel unreservedly! As well as share light on Trigeminal Neuralgia.

From ZR 2/11/11

Initially, I went to see Haskel full of a fair dose of scepticism and a measure of reluctance.  But, due to a progressively disabling series of asthma problems (and he came highly recommended), I felt it was worth a shot.  In a remarkably short space of time my breathing was perceptibly improved and it was after taking his herbs for about a week I finally managed to stop taking some rather nasty allopathic medicine on which I'd become dependent.   Four weeks later, with daily doses of his tincture, I found myself faced with all my worst asthma triggers, and though I did have a couple of attacks, I wasn't affected for more than a day or two and my recovery from the attacks was very much more speedy and less compromising than it has been in years.  I feel optimistic and encouraged about the possibility of being able to do all sorts of things that I've been accumulating aversions to since the onset of my asthma.

From KG 14/8/11

I had some consultations with Haskel at a low point. Chatting with him was incredibly easy and he guided me through a difficult time.

The remedies he made just worked, his beautiful way of listening and clever questions he asked led me to realise what I needed to do to make things better. I am very grateful to Haskel and will reach out in future to him if need be. Thank you!